• No idea where to take your love on a date?
  • Looking for a pleasant program to please your partner at your anniversary?
  • Want to surprise your loved ones with a great experience on their birthday?
  • Looking for a special gift for Christmas?
  • Or just want to spend an unforgettable evening with your friends tasting and preparing fabulous chocolates?

This program is for you!

You can register to the programs individually and in groups, too. In addition, you can also buy a gift voucher.

Your home can also host the program. Parties for children, kindergarten or family gatherings, bachelorette parties, etc.


  • Because you can eat as much chocolate as you wish during the workshop.
  • Because the course equips you with all the skills you need for making the bonbons at home, too.
  • Because we flavour the bonbons together. Moreover, you decide what kind of bonbons you would like to make.
  • Because we prepare handmade bonbons without machines.
  • Because we use top quality Belgian ingredients.
  • Because you can take away everything you prepare so that you can surprise your loved ones and yourself.

Bonbon making courses

Bonbon making course

In the bonbon making course you are not only an observer but you also have the opportunity to prepare your first handicraft bonbons.

In the three hours long workshop I teach you the special tricks and secret techniques which I developed as a result of 7,500 hours of experimenting and which I learnt to my cost over the past five years I spent with making bonbons.

You can learn several techniques such as how to make the cover of the bonbon shiny and crispy, how to temper chocolate perfectly, how to prepare soft, creamy and fine flavours, how to remove the bonbons from the mould without destroying them and how to decorate the finished bonbons so that they can also please the eyes as well as being delicious.

And all this is just a fraction of the vast knowledge you can acquire in the workshop. Yes, to acquire!
I do not only talk about these techniques but you can also use them. Under my guidance you can practice a lot in order to be able to carry out the steps perfectly.

I also guarantee that your happiness hormone level is constantly high during the course because it is a must to eat chocolate! :)

Apart from the master techniques mentioned above I give you extra tips, too, which help you prepare bonbons at home. It has to be pointed out that based on this knowledge alone you can easily recover the money you invested in the course fee.

For example, I tell you where you can purchase premium quality tools and ingredients at a low price.

With all this in mind, you can save up to 20,000 forints when you first shop for all the things necessary for making bonbons!


Price: 13 490 Ft/person

Chocolate bar making course

In the one hour long course I show you and teach you how to temper chocolate perfectly.
After setting the temperature we start pouring the chocolate into the moulds. Then, we can flavour and decorate it as we wish.
You can choose nuts, dried fruits and spices as decoration.
I also recommend this program for young children and families with young children.
This is my simplest and shortest course.

Price: 7 500 Ft/person

Express chocolate master course - A comprehensive course

If you want to learn everything about chocolate making in one session, this is the ideal program for you!
In this course we prepare chocolate bars, chocolate truffles, bonbons and hot chocolate.
The course consists of two parts: a theory and a practice oriented part.
Apart from the basic information, I also share behind-the-scenes secrets with you.
I show you how to avoid making faulty chocolate so that you can always prepare perfect desserts.
We have a detailed discussion about tempering techniques and experimenting with tastes.

Based on preliminary agreement and order, in the course you can also buy the equipment which is necessary for bonbon making.

Price: 39 500 Ft/person

Bonbon making presentation with tasting

By spending approximately 60 minutes in my fabulous shop you can gain an insight into the techniques I use when I prepare my delicious chocolates.
You can learn how to prepare handicraft chocolate bonbons without using machines, how to use a marble slab to temper chocolate in order to achieve a shiny and crispy cover, how to mix the mouth-watering, soft and creamy ganaches, how this gets into the bonbons and how to close and decorate bonbons.

For all this I use top quality Belgian ingredients, and you can also taste any of them.
At the end of the program a surprise is waiting for you.

Price: 7 500 Ft/person

Gift voucher
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